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Twisted paper cord for electrical cables and technical applications

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the cables for the power grid around us - including those for your home or your car - contain a paper core. More precisely: they can have one.
You can take MB Paper's word for it! In the past few years, we developed twisted paper cord for electrical cables and technical applications: we started coming into your homes "undercover".
Indeed, twisted paper cord is perfectly suitable as filler material for electrical cables: as the core of the cables, they keep them consistently round and flexible over time.

Other technical applications also include sectors where twisted paper cord can be used with enormous advantages.

For example, our twisted paper cord is an ideal coating for glass bottles of every type, from the classic water bottle, to the wine fiasco, to ceramic jars.

For the above uses, the quality of the raw materials, certified according to international FSC® and PEFC legislations, reduces the product's environmental impact to a minimum, as well as conferring it an exclusive and attractive look.


From 1.8 to 6.5 mm.


Natural kraft


on wooden spools with diam. of 1,000 mm.

For special requests concerning diameters, colours, and shipping methods, contact us!