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List of Products in Twisted Paper Cord for various industrial sectors

 We make twisted paper cord using exclusively materials of the highest quality. Pure cellulose paper from the forests of the Scandinavian Peninsula, or mixed with recycled paper: these are the ingredients we use to make products ideal for:


  • do-it-yourself

  • technical applications

  • chair seat weaving

  • paper bags

  • shopping bags

  • bag handles

  • foodstuffs

Using recycled paper together with pure cellulose sack kraft paper not only helps us protect the environment, it also ensures a high standard of quality. Your paper bags, your rush seats will feature an excellent degree of capacity and functionality, along with the highest respect for the environment.


Our advanced production system allows us to create twisted paper cord in any format and colour, within highly competitive deadlines.

All the Pantone colours can be reproduced and sampled within 10 working days, so you can have perfect matches even in the most specific applications, such as fashion, and much more.

Our twisted paper cord is ideal for both industrial processing and craftsmanship, thanks to our spools in a range of sizes, from 1,000 metres up to 12,500 metres.


All MB Paper's products are environmentally friendly and comply with national and international standards, FSC® and PEFC, which certify the origin of the raw materials used, through specific environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Whether you’re looking for cord for foodstuffs, bag handles, or paper bags, we’re happy to help you with efficient supplies and by creating a product, even a custom one, while working closely by your side, complying with every specific requirement you may have.

Twisted paper cord for shopping bag handles

Twisted paper cord for foodstuffs

Twisted paper cord for chair seat weaving

Twisted paper cord for DIY

Twisted paper cord for electrical cables and technical applications