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Twisted paper cord for chair seat weaving

Chair seat weaving is an ancient art, one that these days has become a distinctly broad subject of study. There are many types of material used, weaving methods, seat shapes.
Different types of weaving can be used to create rush chairs with different decorative effects, to suit personal taste and match different furnishing designs: checkerboard, triangular, basket weave and many more.

The twisted paper cords for chair seat weaving by MB Paper's have been synonymous with reliability and quality for over thirty years: our experience in this sector is extensive, as we began our business practising this art.
Tradition and innovation come together in MB Paper's today to create a twisted paper cord for chair seat weaving, both manual and mechanical, of the highest level.

This way, we can meet your every need, by creating a completely custom-made product: with MB Paper's, you can have unique twisted paper cord so the rush seats of your chairs are as distinctive as possible.


we make twisted paper strings in diameters ranging from 4 to 7 mm, with a round or flat cross-section.

Colours and types:

different varieties of imitation natural fibre.


bags with 4 spools, each weighing approx. 7 kg (minimum order: 200 kg).

For special requests concerning diameters, colours, and shipping methods, contact us!